Recurring Cleaning

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Offered at intervals of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly after the first time deep cleaning.

What sets Maid in Katy apart from other cleaning companies?

= Included in base price
= Extra charge




Detailed kitchen cleaning
Detailed bathroom cleaning
Dusting throughout
Ceiling fans
Beds made
Window sills
Essential oils
Eco-friendly cleaning
Doors/door jams
Light switch plates
Steam cleaning of tile floors

We intend to provide that deep clean feel for as long as we are cleaning for you.

Every time.

At every cleaning. Guaranteed!

Inside oven, refrigerator, dishes washed, inside cabinet organization/cleaning and interior windows can be cleaned for a nominal fee when requested. See below for details.


PRICING ESTIMATES (after 1st Time Cleaning)

Square Footage of HomeEstimate Based on Bi-Weekly Clean
(After First Time Clean)
Under 1,200$130 - $150
1,201 to 1,500 sq ft$145 to $165
1,801 to 2,100 sq ft$150 to $170
2,100 to 2,400 sq ft$155-$175
2,401 to 2,700 sq ft$$160 -$180
2,701 to 3,000 sq ft$165-$185
3,001 to 3,300 sq ft$170-$190
3,301 to 3,600 sq ft$$180-$200
3,601 to 4,000 sq ft$195 -$215
4,001 to 4,300 sq ft$200-$220
For Larger Homes: A Customized cleaning at each appointment$70 per hour

Recurring Add-ons

Add on itemPricingDescription
Oven cleaning$35Interior of oven, oven glass window and racks
Refrigerator/freezer cleaning$40All items taken out shelf by shelf. All shelves pulled out and cleaned/sanitized thoroughly.
One sink full of dishes washed$35Washed and set out on counter/dish rack to dry or put in dishwasher upon request.