Recurring Cleaning

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Offered at intervals of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly after the first time deep cleaning.

What sets Maid in Katy apart from other cleaning companies?

= Included in base price
= Extra charge




Detailed kitchen cleaning
Detailed bathroom cleaning
Dusting throughout
Ceiling fans
Beds made (1 Set Linens Changed)
Window sills
Essential oils
Eco-friendly cleaning
Doors/door jams
Light switch plates
Steam cleaning of tile floors

Recurring cleanings continue to provide steam cleaning on tile floors, essential oils and eco-friendly products. 1 Set of bedsheets changed upon request.

Every time.

At every cleaning. Guaranteed!

Extra linens changed, Inside oven, refrigerator, dishes washed, inside cabinet organization/cleaning and interior windows can be cleaned for a nominal fee when requested. See below for details.


PRICING ESTIMATES (after 1st Time Cleaning)

Square Footage of HomeEstimate Based on Bi-Weekly Clean
(After First Time Clean)
Under 1,200$130 - $150
1,201 to 1,500 sq ft$145 to $165
1,801 to 2,100 sq ft$150 to $170
2,100 to 2,400 sq ft$155-$175
2,401 to 2,700 sq ft$$160 -$180
2,701 to 3,000 sq ft$165-$185
3,001 to 3,300 sq ft$170-$190
3,301 to 3,600 sq ft$$180-$200
3,601 to 4,000 sq ft$195 -$215
4,001 to 4,300 sq ft$200-$220
For Larger Homes: A Customized cleaning at each appointment$70 per hour

Recurring Add-ons

Add on itemPricingDescription
Oven cleaning$35Interior of oven, oven glass window and racks
Refrigerator/freezer cleaning$40All items taken out shelf by shelf. All shelves pulled out and cleaned/sanitized thoroughly.
One sink full of dishes washed$35Washed and set out on counter/dish rack to dry or put in dishwasher upon request.